Things You Can Do with Xfinity X1 DVR

Things You Can Do with Xfinity X1 DVR

DVR recording options are one thing that we adore in the modern era. You have been living under a rock if your TV service does not offer you a DVR option. DVR recording possibilities are a true blessing for TV nerds because it offers a variety of alternatives and benefits with each service.

Well, Xfinity is one of the most popular and widely used services in the US. Along with its TV service, Xfinity provides Internet, Home Phone, and Home Security as well. Here, we will talk about how the DVR on Xfinity TV functions and how its advanced features make it quite convenient. So, if you are new to this feature, here is everything you can do with the advanced DVR option if you plan to purchase Xfinity TV.

DVR Explained

A digital video recorder is referred to as a DVR. You may view your favorite shows much beyond their broadcast time, thanks to DVR. You can use it to record any TV episode or show and watch it at a later time that suits your schedule. You can fast-forward to the part you don’t want to see and rewind to watch the vital bits. You can pause the show for a brief break and make your own instant replays. It is comparable to watching all of your favorite TV series and other content conveniently.

Get Sports Highlights

Sports fans will appreciate the fact that Xfinity DVR, in addition to X1’s sports zone, enables users to move between their favorite NFL game moments by turning on the DVR Sports Highlights feature. The choice is excellent for sports fans and makes it very convenient to watch NFL games.

Record Your Favorite Shows

You can simultaneously record up to six TV shows or movies with the DVR feature on Xfinity TV X1. You may manage your recordings and plan recordings of TV shows, series, or sporting events from any of your X1 devices. By selecting the Saved option from the menu, you may control and manage your channel choices directly from the app.

High Storage Capacity

Since the DVR option on Xfinity has plenty of storage space, you can record and store hundreds of TV shows without having to constantly clear it out to make room for new ones. On the hard drive, there is enough room to store about 150 hours of HD programming.

Similar to that, you have 150 hours of cloud storage on the X1 DVR. You can purchase more storage hours if the storage capacity is still insufficient. Depending on what fits you better, you can get it with or without the DVR device.

Watch Your DVR Recordings on Any TV in the House

You can watch the recordings on any TV in the house in addition to the numerous recordings. With Xfinity’s multi-room DVR feature, for instance, if you had recorded your favorite TV show from the TV in the living room, you could access and view the video on the TV in your bedroom. If you want a television with convenience, the DVR option, which is included with all Xfinity TV Plans, is fantastic.

Skip Ads

Another useful feature that we can credit modern technology for is the ability to avoid commercials. The worst part of any TV channel is the commercial breaks, and too many of them during your favorite film or series may be aggravating. With Xfinity’s DVR recordings, you may conveniently skip the ad breaks.

Enables You to Fast Forward, Rewind, And Pause

The ability to fast forward, rewind, and pause while watching TV is another helpful feature. The page up and page down keys can also be used to move ahead or go back five minutes to view something again. The fast forward and rewind options have four distinct speeds. You may effortlessly pause an episode or TV show if you need a break, take the rest you require, and resume watching from where you left off.

Bring Back Deleted Recordings

The erase choices on the DVR are just another practical aspect of Xfinity. When storage is required, it automatically deletes the stored content. The oldest recordings will be automatically deleted if you go over your storage limit after a year of storage. You can also erase recordings by yourself, and in the unlikely event that you do so unintentionally, you can retrieve them from the Deleted section. Old recordings can always be recovered if they have not been Permanently Deleted.

Schedule Recordings Beforehand

DVR recordings can be planned in a variety of ways. You can directly set your DVR recordings using the remote control and your TV box. Recording TV shows and episodes are the Xfinity TV package’s default setting.

For other content, plan the timing and arrange the recordings in advance to avoid missing the show. Timing adjustments are available on the Record Options screen. From the Scheduled area, you may schedule and see your recordings. From the Record options’ Modify option, you can edit your recordings.

Parental Controls

The parental controls option is one of the best and most practical things for people with children. The DVR records all kinds of content, regardless of age restrictions. However, the parental control lock’s pin is required to access the age-restricted content that was recorded. This allows you to enjoy all kinds of content for yourself and at the same time secures your children from accessing the wrong kind of content.

Final Thoughts

Well, Xfinity is the solution for you if you are seeking a good TV service provider that offers cutting-edge TV options, is incredibly convenient, and is reasonably priced. The Xfinity X1 DVR makes things incredibly handy for folks who dislike dealing with commercial breaks, want to record and watch their favorite TV shows later, and want to catch sports highlights.

Well, it is not only convenient, but it also makes your TV experience hassle-free and seamless. So, if you want to have a smooth TV experience, you need to get your hands on X1 TV now.