Website Layout Ideas You Must Know 

Website Layout Ideas You Must Know 

A website layout is a plan for placing the elements of a web page. It can take many different forms, but the most common layouts are the three-column, two-column and one-column layouts. You should also know about masonry website layouts. They are often used by news websites to display their articles in such a way that they look like stacks of cards on a table.

The Three Columns Layout

The three columns website layout ideas is the most common website layout, and it’s easy to read and navigate. It’s also a good choice for blogs and magazines, as well as eCommerce sites (as long as you have enough content).

If you want to use this type of layout but don’t know where to start, here are some tips:

  • Keep all elements aligned on the same horizontal line. This creates balance between your content areas and makes them easier for readers to scan through quickly.
  • Limit yourself to three major sections per column; any more than that will be difficult for visitors’ eyesight–or attention spans–to follow easily.

The Two Columns Layout

The two columns layout is one of the most popular layouts, and it’s useful for displaying content in a well organized manner. The two columns layout can be used to display articles or blog posts, product listings, portfolio items (for example: photos), etc. The main advantage of using this layout is that you can easily divide your content into two columns with text that flows from one side to another.

This type of design works best for sites where there are not many images or videos because they will take up most of your screen space if you put them on one side of the page only!

One Column Layout

One column layout is the simplest of all layouts. It’s used by most blogs and news websites because it’s simple and easy to navigate. One column layout is not very popular because it doesn’t give enough space for the users to interact with each other, so it’s not recommended for large businesses or e-commerce sites that want customers to be able to comment on their products or services. However, if you have a small business, personal website or portfolio then one column layout may be perfect for you!

Masonry Layouts

The masonry layout is a grid-like design that works well for blogs, portfolio websites, and any other site where you want to display images. The idea behind this type of design is that each column can be filled with an individual image or block of text. This makes it easy for users to scan through the content without having to scroll down too much.

It’s also easy to implement this kind of layout on your website: just add an image within each cell and then change its width depending on how many columns you want in your grid (the more columns there are in your grid, the smaller each cell will be).

You Should Know The Different Website Designs

There are many different website layouts ideas. They all have their own purpose and can be used for various purposes.

The three column layout is the best for content, such as blogs or articles. It has three equal-sized columns that divide your content into sections. This is good if you want people to read through your article in an orderly manner without getting distracted by other elements on the page like navigation or ads. The two column layout is good if you want them to go somewhere else quickly, such as clicking on links or buttons in navigation bars at the top or bottom of each page (just like this one!). You could also use it for product pages where there’s more than enough room around each product image – maybe even adding some text below each one so customers know what they’re looking at! Finally there’s one column layouts which allow users’ eyesight throughout large amounts of text without feeling overwhelmed by clutter from multiple columns everywhere else around them.”


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